Barbara BusfieldON-LINE EDITOR

    Barbara crafted her profession the old fashion way, she earned it! Starting over 20 years ago in our business, Barb worked her way up through the ranks of our industry from tape vault, to PA, through Video Symphony School, and then as an AE. Spending 11 years at GRB as their lead assistant editor, she grabbed the opportunity to jump into the editing chair, and has never looked back!

    Barbara’s ability to solve problems, create and adapt work flows to benefit each client’s specific needs, makes her a very valuable member of the Juice team. Her attention to detail is impeccable, her clients can’t wait to get into session with her since she makes their job so much easier. Her experience includes features, documentaries, short form content and episodic television.

    Credits include recent 4K Indy feature Ghostmates, MOW Runaway Romance, the award winning documentary Love Always Mom, along with episodic series such as Intervention, In Search Of with Zachary Quinto, Gunny Time with R Lee Ermey, Outdaughtered, Young Guns and Droppin Cash.