Larry was born in Burbank, Ca., where he started in the entertainment industry at the age of five, playing the part of Rob and Laura’s Petrie’s son, Ritchie, on the award winning TV series “The Dick Van Dyke show”.  Growing up through the industry in several capacities, Larry attended UCLA where he studied Theater Arts.  After graduating, he turned his focus to working behind the camera on several TV shows and specials in different capacities.  From PA, to post coordinator, to assistant editor, to post production manager to name a few, he has touched all areas of the industry in some way.

    His credits include shows such as Soap, Benson, It’s A Living, several TV movies, commercials, documentary and industrial programs.  After a road tour as lighting technician for Barry Manilow in 1982 / 83, Larry turned his focus to sales for several post production facilities, allowing him to bring his many years of experience to the Juice team.  Holding positions as Director of Sales, Vice President and Senior Vice President of Sales, his facility experience includes CFI, Anderson Video, Celluloid, Varitel Video, 4MC, Matchframe Video and most recently CCI Digital.

    Bringing his talented team of artists from former facilities, and the technical staff to support them, Larry is energized and excited to be part of the Juice family!  Moving to the future in our new state of the art facility, he believes the possibilities here are limitless.